Abbas Lutfi Hussein

Full Name: 
Abbas Lutfi Hussein 
Academic Rank: Professor 
Affiliation: Mustansiriyah University
Address: Department of English 
                 College of Arts
                 Mustansiriyah University
Research Interests: Applied linguistics , discourse analysis, pragmatics, and ELT.
Mobile: 009647737135235


Prof. Abbas Lutfi Hussein received his PhD in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Baghdad, Iraq in 2005, his MA in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Baghdad in 2000, and his BA in English Language from University of Baghdad in 1987. He has over 27 years of teaching experience. During this period, he taught different linguistics and translation courses at BA, Ma and PhD level. He participated in many conferences and published research papers in many international academic journals. He is currently a Professor of Linguistics and Translation at the Department of English Language and Literature, Mustansiriya University, Iraq.

Selected Publications

1- Hussein, A. L., & Abttan, R. G. Pragmatic Analysis of Persuasion in Modern British and Iraqi Parliamentary Election Slogans. International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences3(2).
Mohammed, I. B., & Hussein, A. L. (2018). Rhetorical Analysis of Humor in William Wycherley’s The Country Wife. International Journal of Research5(22), 1331-1357.
Rhetorical Analysis of Humor in William Wycherley’s The Country Wife.
Guarantee as a Conditional Promise in Biblical John and Prophetic Traditions.
5- How are Advisories Pragmatically Manipulated in Biblical ‘Matthew’?
6- Implementing Literature Circles in Teaching 3 rd Year Drama in Iraqi College Classrooms.
7- Speech Acts in Classroom Teaching: Iraqi EFL College Students’ Socio-pragmatic Deviation in Producing Expressives.
8- Lexical Cohesion in Gilgamesh’s “Historical Overview of Babylonia”.
9- Pragmatic Analysis of Politeness Strategies in Some Selected Presidential Debates.
10- The 21st Century American and Iraqi Election Campaign Slogans: Salient Linguistic and Aesthetic Characteristics.
Hussein, A. L., & Hussein, M. M. (2020). Pragma-Linguistic Analysis of Assertion in May’s and Trump’s Inaugural Addresses. IJLLT3(2), 78-88.
Hussein, A. L., & Khalaf, S. Q. (2018). Iraqi EFL University Students’ Linguistic Strategies in Approaching Warning and Prohibition. English Language Teaching11(12), 11-37.