Application of Mobile Phone Technologies in the Law Text Translation Instruction

 Author(s): Yaghoob Javadi; Tahereh Khezrab

Abstract: The most important issue and the new aspect of this study pertains to the integration of mobile phone technologies in instruction especially for ESP purposes, that is, teaching translation of law texts. In this regard, the legal discourse should be taken into account. Since law texts are more complicated than any other types of texts, using mobile phone technologies will be more helpful. To this end, in terms of the previous studies and gaps emerged in the translation of law texts through mobile phone technology, two significant questions were emerged: (1) What is the application of mobile phone technologies for law text translation instruction? (2) How can application of mobile phone technologies affect law text translation instruction? Finally, the preceding studies were compared and analysed in order to find the application and process of the integration of mobile phone technologies in teaching such texts.

Keywords:  application of mobile phone technologies, integration of mobile phone technologies in instruction, law text translation instruction, legal discourse, mobile phone technologies
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