Approaches in Developing Writing Skill at King Khalid University: A Case Study

Sharmin Siddiqui Md. Mostaq Ahamed

The study investigates the pedagogical approaches used by L2 teachers in teaching writing at the under graduate level at King Khalid University of Saudi Arabia. For collecting data about how writing classes are taken and given and how much effective and useful they are for inspiring L2 learners to be good writers in the later phases of their personal and professional lives, two campuses were selected and research methods were carried out through the interviews of both learners and teachers. The study shows that most of the teachers teach writing through the product approach which does not necessitate the applying of thought processes of L2 learners in writing. The study shows that teachers usually persuade L2 learners to come up with assignments which are in most of the cases nothing but products of copying from available sources. L2 learners with some exceptions are found quite reluctant to brainstorm and get involved in peer or group discussion to produce ideas.

DOI: 10.32996/ijllt.2019.2.2.28 
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