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Affixation Types in Izon
Philip O. Ekiugbo & Timi V. Ayunku, Nigeria
 Download PDF  | Page No : 1-5
Studying with Technology
 Sumaira Idrees Toor, Oman
 Download PDF  | Page No : 6-17
Conflicting Discourse of Foreignizing Informative Text: The Case of Kamal Abu Deeb’s Translation of Orientalism
 Fadil Elmenfi & Ahmed Gaibani, Libya
 Download PDF  | Page No : 18-39
Instructional Strategies to Develop the Speaking Skill
 Asma Sultana Qadhi, Saudi Arabia
 Download PDF  | Page No : 40-45
Pretentious Performance of Language Use in Marriage Rituals in the Urhobo Culture
 Ejobee O. Lucky, Nigeria
 Download PDF  | Page No : 46-53
The Study of Grice Principle in Pakistani Advertisements
 Ayesha Kinz ul Eman, Pakistan
 Download PDF  | Page No : 54-65
Discursive Strategies in Senegalese Rap: The Case of Y En a Marre
 Mame Sémou Ndiaye, Senegal
 Download PDF  | Page No : 66-80
Ideological Challenges and Linguistic Approaches to Translating a Jewish Semi-Religious Text into Malay
 Ahmad Safwan Mod Shuhaimi & Idris Mansor, Malaysia
 Download PDF  | Page No : 81-102


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