Ehsan Namaziandost

Full Name: 
Ehsan Namaziandost

Academic Rank: Lecturer of English
Affiliation: Islamic Azad University
Address: Department of English
                 Shahrekord Branch
                 Islamic Azad University
                 Shahrekord, Iran                  


Ehsan Namaziandost was born in Shiraz Province of Iran in 1985. He holds an MA degree in TEFL from Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz. Now, he is a Ph.D. candidate in TEFL at Islamic Azad University of Shahr-e Kord. His main interests of research are second language acquisition, EFL teaching, teaching and testing, teaching speaking, communication and language learning strategies. His research papers and articles have been published by different international journals.

Selected Publications

1- Namaziandost, E., & Çakmak, F. (2020). An account of EFL learners’ self-efficacy and gender in the Flipped Classroom Model. Education and Information Technologies, 25(2).
2- Namaziandost, E., Rezvani, E., Polemikou, A. (2020). The impacts of visual input enhancement, semantic input enhancement, and input flooding on L2 vocabulary among Iranian intermediate EFL learners. Cogent Education, 7(1). DOI: 10.1080/2331186X.2020.1726606
3- Namaziandost, E., Hosseini, E., Utomo, D.W. (2020). A comparative effect of high involvement load versus lack of involvement load on vocabulary learning among Iranian sophomore EFL learners. Cogent Arts and Humanities, 7(1).
4. Namaziandost, E., Shatalebi, V., & Nasri, M. (2019). The impact of cooperative learning on developing speaking ability and motivation toward learning English. Journal of Language and Education, 5(3), 83-101.
5. Namaziandost, E., Neisi, L., Kheryadi, & Nasri, M. (2019). Enhancing oral proficiency through cooperative learning among intermediate EFL learners: English learning motivation in focus. Cogent Education, 6(1), 1-15.
6. Namaziandost, E., Hashemifardnia, A., & Shafiee, S. (2019). The impact of opinion-gap, reasoning-gap, and information-gap tasks on EFL learners’ speaking fluency. Cogent Social Sciences 5(1), 1-16.
7. Namaziandost, E., Sabzevari, A., & Hashemifardnia, A. (2018). The effect of cultural materials on listening comprehension among Iranian upper-intermediate EFL learners: In reference to gender. Cogent Education,5(1), 1-27.
8. Namaziandost, E., Rahimi Esfahani, F., & Hashemifardnia, A. (2018). The comparative effect of spacing instruction and massed instruction on intermediate EFL learners’ reading comprehension. SAGE Open, 8(4), 1-8.