Eyhab Abdulrazak Bader Eddin

Full Name: 
Eyhab Abdulrazak Bader Eddin
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor 
Affiliation: King Khalid University
Address: Department of English
                 King Khalid University
                   Saudi Arabia
Research Interest: Translation, stylistics, English and Arabic linguistics
Email: ealdeen@kku.edu.sa


Eyhab A. Bader Eddin is an assistant professor of Translation and Linguistics at King Khalid University, KSA. His PhD Thesis is titled ‘Semantic Problems in A. J. Arberry’s Translation of the Suspended Odes (Al-Muallaqat). He has an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading, UK, and a BA and PGD in English Literature from Damascus University. He previously taught at Kuwait University, Damascus University, and Oman. He is currently teaching on the MA programme, and has published extensively in the translation field in well-reputed journals.  He is an MITI  (member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting) in both language pair directions (English- Arabic and vice versa). He is ITI-ISO qualified. He has achieved the ITI CPD Award for the year 2019-2020. He is also a Chartered Linguist as a translator and language specialist at the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London.


Selected Publications

1- Eddin, B., & Abdulrazak, E. (2019). Inconsistent Linguistic Functional Behaviours of Particleهل in the Holy Quran: A Critique of the Holy Quran Translation. AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies3(1).
Eddin, B., & Abdulrazak, E. (2017). Morpho-Syntactic Complexity in the Translation of the Seven Suspended Odes. AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies, Volume1.
Eddin, B., Abdulrazak, E., & Shiyab, S. (2017). Al-Muallaqat and their Emotive Meanings. AWEJ for Translation & Literary Studies1(1), 3-17.
Al Zumor, A. W. Q., Al Refaai, I. K., Eddin, E. A. B., & Al-Rahman, F. H. A. (2013). EFL Students’ Perceptions of a Blended Learning Environment: Advantages, Limitations and Suggestions for Improvement. English Language Teaching6(10), 95-110.
Eddin, E. A. B., & MCIL, C. Short Research Article The Particle مﮐ: A Key Aspect to Fathom in Translation with Special Reference to the Holy Quran.