Female Heroism in the Face of Tyranny: Sembène Ousmane’s The Mother

 Elizabeth E. Ogini

This This paper is devoted to the study of La Mère ‘The Mother’ in Sembène Ousmane’s Tribal Scars and other stories (1974) translated by L. Ortzen from the original French version titled Voltaique (1962). It highlights the brave characteristics of the mother and the effect of her it in the kingdom. Ousmane’s (1974) is a story of a King, a tyrant, who exercises power arbitrarily over his subjects. He is extraordinarily powerful. However, his subjects see him as an absolute ruler, owing allegiance to no one. The subjects reverence the King but not without fear and hatred. The preposition of the paper will deal with the highlights of the brave mother and the aftermath of it in the kingdom

DOI: 10.32996/ijllt.2018.1.4.3 
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