Ferdinand Bulusan

Full Name: 
Ferdinand Bulusan
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor 
Affiliation: Batanes State College
Address: Department of Teacher Education 
                 Batanes State College 
Research Interest: Language Teaching, Instructional Materials, Applied Linguistics
Email: fgbulusan@gmail.com


Dr. Ferdinanl Bulusan is a researcher-reviewer of top-ranking journals on Social Sciences, Education, and Applied Linguistics. He took units in PhD in Language Education (English) and PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education (English), magna cum laude. His books on educational psychology, journalism, and English language literacy through literature are published nationwide in the Philippines. A social researcher, he is the former Vice President of the Philippine Association for the Study of Culture, History, and Religion. He also works as University Research Consultants in various universities in the Philippines. 


Selected Publications

1- Bulusan, F. (2019). College ESL learners’ politeness in using linguistic taboos and euphemisms: Looking through the socio-pragmatic Lens. International Journal of English Linguistics,9(3), 148. doi:10.5539/ijel.v9n3p148
2- Bulusan, F. (2019). Selecting potential instructional materials for literature teaching in the 21st Century milieu: Findings from a systematic review of literature. Asian EFL Journal, 21(2).
Bulusan, F. (2019). Language policies and challenges in promoting minority languages in Asia: A systematic literature review. Asian EFL Journal, 24(4.2). 230-247
Bulusan, F., Antonio, R. B., & Gabriel-Dumaga, S. (2019). Correct Me If I’m Wrong: Exploring the Attitudes and Preferences of ESL Learners on Oral Corrective Feedback in A Multicultural Milieu. The Asian ESP Journal, 83.