Fragmentation of the Media Audience in Kosovo in the Era of the Internet

 Author(s): Alban Zeneli

Abstract: Audience fragmentation in the internet era is present also in Kosovo. The few studies of this topic in Kosovo make this article very important as it first studies the Kosovar audience in this form. The research question in this paper is: What kind of fragmentation is most prevalent in the Kosovo audience? Fragmentation of the audience is divided into two types, ranging from access to fragmentation media and access to the user as fragmentation. The research is based on two main methods, survey, and the comparative method. To measure the audience in the case study, a survey was conducted with 1051 Kosovo citizens from seven main regions of Kosovo. This paper finds that audience fragmentation in Kosovo occurs due to several factors. In terms of the type of media, fragmentation is mostly attributed to new types of communication that have a high frequency of use. As for demographic fragmentation, young people are the ones who mostly use new media.

Keywords:  Audience, fragmentation, internet, Kosovo, media
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