Insight into the Ibo Socio-Traditional Organization in Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God and Things Fall Apart


The present article is devoted to analyze how the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe presents the Ibo socio-traditional organization in his novels Arrow of God and Things Fall Apart. It stresses on the way the author of these two selected novels, shows his literary talents by using fiction and the Ibo traditional society. Achebe demonstrates that the Ibo people have their vision of the world which maintains close relationships with spiritual entities. Their daily life is influenced by superstition and supernatural forces. They are deeply religious people believing in their ancestral gods and spirits of their ancestors. Additionally, the village is considered as a totemic entity, an ideological entity, and a religious entity. Economic activities have an undeniable impact on their lives. Thus, certain economic activities, the most important, are reserved to men and some other activities to women.

DOI: 10.32996/ijllt.2019.2.1.18 
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