Juliane House

Full Name: 
Juliane House

Academic Rank: Professor
Affiliation: Hamburg University
Address:  Institute of General and Applied Linguistics 
                  Hamburg University
Email: jhouse@uni-hamburg.de


Juliane House is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at Hamburg University, founding member of the German Science Foundation’s Research Centre on Multilingualism and Director of the PhD in Applied Linguistics at Hellenic American University in its Athens campus. Her research interests include contrastive pragmatics, discourse analysis, politeness, translation, English as a global lingua franca, and intercultural communication. She has published widely in all these areas. Her book publications include A Model for Translation Quality Assessment, Interlingual and Intercultural Communication, Cross-Cultural Pragmatics, Misunderstanding in Social Life, Translation, Multilingual Communication, Translation as Communication across Languages and Cultures, Translation as Communication across Languages and Cultures.

Selected Publications

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4- “‘I think’ and ‘I don’t know’ in English as a lingua franca and native English discourse.” Journal of Pragmatics 42: 5. 1184-1200. 2010 (with N. Baumgarten).
5- “Translation as re-contextualisation and a Third Space phenomenon with some implications for translator education.” Foreign Language Education Research vol. 12. 2010.
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