Monica Karlsson



Affiliation: Halmstad University, Sweden
School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
Halmstad University
Box 823
3018 Halmstad
Phone: +46-(0)51-020-071
Fax: +46-(0)34-067-6419


My name is Monica Karlsson and I am an Associate Professor of English Linguistics. I currently hold a permanent position at the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Halmstad University (since 2002), which is situated on the southwest coast of Sweden. I teach proficiency courses (e.g., oral and written proficiency, listening comprehension, vocabulary, etc.) as well as more theoretically oriented courses in, for instance, grammar, phonetics and phonology, translation, second language acquisition, etc. Furthermore, I teach English both as a single subject course as well as a subject within the teacher education, at all levels. (In the Swedish University system, each academic year is divided into two terms. As a single subject course, English can be studied for four terms after which doctoral studies begin. Within the teacher education, English may be studied from half a term (middle school teachers) up to four terms (upper secondary school teachers). Term paper supervision has also constituted a large part of my duties at Halmstad University.

I started my doctoral training at Gothenburg, Sweden, but then transferred to Lund University, where I received my PhD in 2001. My dissertation dealt with advanced learners’ grammatical development in three areas: concord (primarily between subject and predicate), prepositions (seen along a continuum of basic uses, rule-governed uses and idiomatic uses) and the use/non-use of articles (primarily generic use). My interest in SLA has continued and more recently my focus has been on vocabulary, in the area of which I have produced a research report and five articles published in international journals. It was also based on this research and review work for TESOL QuarterlySpanish Journal of Applied LinguisticsNordic Journal of English Studies, and Konin Language Studies that I was promoted to Associate Professor at Halmstad University in 2015.

I am currently in the process of finishing my third book with the working title Aspects of advanced learners’ comprehension, retention and production of L1 (Swedish) and L2 (English) idioms, with which I hope to be promoted to Full Professor.