Moroccan High School Students’ Perceptions of a Good Teacher

 Author(s): Nourreddine Menyani ; Abdelkrim Benaissi

Abstract: Teachers usually take for granted that only their perceived pedagogical agendas are likely to bring about the positive outcomes they look for. However, as it has been confirmed by many studies, their effectiveness and success in their careers are highly determined by the way they are perceived by their students. This exploratory study outlines the major views Moroccan high school students hold towards a good teacher. The study was carried out through a questionnaire that was administered to 100 Moroccan high school students using convenience sampling. The obtained data were analyzed with the help of the statistical package for social sciences. The findings of this research indicated that most Moroccan high school students prioritize the affective side while they evaluate their teachers. There were also other features that evolved throughout the study.

Keywords:  Good teacher, Effective teacher, students’ perceptions, teaching and learning process 
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