Ömer Gökhan ULUM

Full Name: 
Ömer Gökhan ULUM
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor 
Affiliation: Mersin University
Address: Department of English Language Teaching
                 Mersin University
Research Interest: Culture, culture and language, World Englishes, English as a lingua franca, ideology, language ideology, discourse, discourse analysis, language education, foreign or second language education
Email: gokhanulum@mersin.edu.tr 


Dr. Ömer Gökhan ULUM is an assistant professor at the English Language Teaching department of Mersin University, Mersin, Turkey. His research interests fall within the domains of teacher education, pre-service EFL teacher education, discourse analysis, pragmatics, culture, ideology, language hegemony and course book evaluation. 


Selected Publications

1- Kösal, D., & Ulum, Ö. G. (2019). Pre-service EFL teachers’ conceptions of language proficiency: Entry and exit level qualifications. Dil ve Dilbilimi Çalışmaları Dergisi15(2), 484-495.
Üredi, L., & Ulum, Ö. G. (2016, October). A Study on the Morpho-syntactic Profiles of Syrian Children Learning Turkish as a Second Language. In International Symposium on Chaos, Complexity and Leadership (pp. 483-491). Springer, Cham.
Ulum, Ö. G. (2016). A Descriptive Content Analysis of the Extent of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Reading Comprehension Questions of the Course Book Q: Skills for Success 4 Reading and Writing. Qualitative Report21(9).
Ulum, Ö. G. (2015). Listening: The Ignored Skill in EFL Context. Online Submission2(5), 72-76.
Ulum, Ö. G. (2015). A Needs Analysis Study for Preparatory Class ELT Students. Online Submission1(1), 14-29.
Ulum, Ö. G. (2015). Program Evaluation through Kirkpatrick’s Framework. Online Submission8(1), 106-111.
Ulum, Ö. G. (2014). Teachers’ Views on”Yes You Can”, the Ninth Grade English Coursebook for Public Schools. Online Submission.
Efeoglu, I. E., & Ulum, Ö. G. (2017). Organizational Culture in Educational Institutions. Online Submission.
Üredi, L., & Ulum, Ö. G. (2018). Morpho-Syntactic Developmental Features of Syrian Primary School Students Learning Turkish as a Foreign Language. In Educational Development and Infrastructure for Immigrants and Refugees (pp. 203-217). IGI Global.
Bada, E., & Ulum, Ö. G. (2016). My culture is engraved on my tombstone. Journal of Human Sciences13(3), 5407-5422.