Representation of Women in “The silence of Mohammed” by Salim BACHI


‘The Silence of Muhammad’ is a novel written by Salim BACHI,  published in 2008, it is a fictionalized story based on historical facts recounting different facets of the life of the Prophet of Islam Mohammed – Peace be upon Him. He was a man like no other who began his life as a shepherd in Mecca. Then he became a successful merchant. In this novel, the author relates another aspect of the life of the Prophet according to the eyes of two of his wives, notably, Khadidja and Aicha. Hence, this paper tries to highlight the different facets of the life of the Prophet of Islam; our attempt is placed on the humanistic side of the Man before being a Prophet. Besides, attention is placed on the existence of women in the life of the Prophet through his two wives

DOI: 10.32996/ijllt.2019.2.1.14 
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