Some Important Features of Two Computer-assisted Translation Tools: Wordfast and SDL Trados Studio

 Author(s): Aesha Al-Hammar

Abstract: In this paper, I will attempt to examine the features and functions of two tools in an analytical and comparative way. My focus will be on comparing and commenting on various features of their translation memory tools, such as matching functions, operational functions, alignment, etc. Through my experience with Wordfast and SDL Trados Studio, I found it very easy to use and to become familiar with SDL Trados. There are benefits and drawbacks to working with the TMs of both tools. In contrast to SDL Studio TM, Wordfast TM is very complicated to handle. In conjunction with my language pair, I found translating an HTML file with Wordfast complicated and time-consuming.

Keywords:  Wordfast, SDL Trados Studio, TM, templates
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