The Usability Outlook of Computer-Based Exams as A means of Assessment and Examination: A case study of Palestine Technical University

 Author(s): Abd-AL-Hameed Mustafa Mahmoud Jabsheh 

Abstract: Recently, computer-based exams, in replacement for the traditional paper-based exams, have become a booming trend that is endorsed by many educational institutions and universities all over the world; this endorsement has been a direct outcome of the advancement in computer technology and the rapid spread of the internet. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to investigate the usability outlook of computer –based exams  as a means of assessment and examination , and to identify some of the reflections on the experiment of Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie  (PTUK)\ Tulkarm Campus in implementing  such an assessment on one of the English language introductory courses , namely, Remedial English course (no.15200099). To achieve the purpose of this study, and to answer its questions, the researcher scrutinized, in a survey-like and a descriptive methodology, throughout the findings and conclusions of the available related literature in order to draw a line of understanding in regard to the main aim of this study and its questions. The findings of this study revealed that using computer-based exams in replacement for the traditional paper-based exams represents a domain of an ongoing debate between adherents and opponents who anchor their points of view to various sets of reasons and rationales. The findings  also pointed out some problems and setbacks in regard to the experiment of (PTUK) in implementing computer-based exams, as means of assessment and examination , on  one of the English language introductory courses, namely, Remedial English course (no.15200099); some of these problems and setbacks are mainly connected with the  (LMS-Moodle), which is used as a medium of carrying out and disclosing the Remedial English Exam,  and, in addition, the complete dependence on multiple-choice questions, which are the only type used by (LMSMoodle).  The study concluded with some recommendation for future research. 

Keywords:  Computer-based Exam, Paperbased Exam, PTUK, Remedial English,  LMS-Moodle, Multiplechoice Questions, Reliability, Validity, Security , Assessment, Examination
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