Transforming News Journalism from Newspapers into Online Media in Kosovo

 Author(s): Faton Ismajli

Abstract: The development trend of online journalism in Kosovo continues with great strides in relation to newspaper journalism. Some newspapers are continuing to survive and still on market despite the decline of readers as part of a worldwide trend of readers moving to online platforms. This paper will analyze the content of journalistic texts in newspapers and online media, measuring their core values. This paper will be seen the transformation, namely the change of journalism standards from traditional media (newspapers) to online media. Journalism theorists argue that the standards of journalism should be the same in newspapers and online media. But the practice in Kosovo is completely different. The main hypothesis of this paper is that professional standards in online journalism in Kosovo have fallen; in newspaper journalism, however, there is still a high level of professionalism in writing and reporting. To test these two hypotheses, texts were analyzed in two newspapers and two online media. Therefore, the analysis was done on the texts of “Zëri” and “Koha Ditore” newspapers, and their online versions, “zë” and “”. 

Keywords:  Online journalism,  text, standards,  transformation.  
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