Translation Mode of TCM Classic Nan Jing in the United States

 Author(s): Zhijiao FENG

Abstract: Since the outbreak of new coronavirus COVID-19 in 2019 and its evolution into a global disaster, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) helps thousands of people get out of the catastrophe. How to get access to TCM knowledge highlights the mission of translation. Nan Jing, one of four medical classics in China, has played a pivotal role in the medical development of TCM. On the basis of the five communication elements put forward by Harold Lasswell, a famous American sociologist and scholar of communication studies, the study takes Nan Jing’s English translation in the United States as the research object, analyzes the translation mode of Nan Jing from the perspectives of translation subjects, translation contents, translation channels, target readers and translation effects so as to provide some references for the English translation of TCM classics in western world and subsequently improve people’s awareness of disease treatment and prevention. 

Keywords:  Nan Jing, translation subjects, translation contents, translation channels, target readers, translation effects 
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