Vol 1, No 2, 2018

Editor-in-Chief  Page No:1-2

The Child’s Acquisition of English Articles
Haytham Yousef Obeid  Page No: 3-8  Jordan

The Post-Colonial Reality in Chinua Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart (1958)
Fatima Zahra El Arbaoui  Page No: 9-23  Morocco

Literary/Critical Theory and Orwell’s Idea of “A Good Bad Poem”:  Thoughts on a Beginner’s Annotated Poetry Textbook for the Arabian Gulf Students
Jalal Uddin Khan  Page No:  24-58  Oman

Ethnic Variations in Malaysian SMS Condolences
Kuang Ching He  Page No: 59-79  Malaysia

How Love is Perceived by Malaysian Malay Children
Kuang Ching He  Maya Khemlani David   Page No: 80-104  Malaysia

The Conative and Vocative (Directive) Function in Parent-Child Interactions in Jordan
Omar Alkhateeb Mahmud Wardat  Page No:105-123  Jordan

Kennedy’s The Owl Answers (1965): Toward Black Existential Feminism
Hamzeh Ahmad Al-Jarrah  Page No: 124-142  Saudi Arabia

Intonational Patterns of Focus Preposing Constructions in Hijazi Arabic
Muhammad Swaileh A. Alzaidi  Page No: 143-157  Saudi Arabia

Roger Boyle’s The Tragedy of Mustapha and English Restoration Politics
 Met’eb Ali Alnwairan  Page No: 158-181  Saudi Arabia

Multiplicity of Different English Functional Semantic Realizations of the Translation of the Arabic Preposition ب
Eyhab Abdulrazak Bader Eddin  Page No:182-193  Saudi Arabia

Nature- In the hands of Wordswort
Rakhshinda Jabeen  Page No:194-203  Saudi Arabia