Vol. 1, No. 4, Nov., 2018

Re-reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart: A Postcolonial Perspective
 A.K.M. Aminur Rashid  Page No: 01-07  Bangladesh

Promoting Innovation and Change in English Education: Towards a Philosophy of Lifelong Learning
Zakia DJEBBARI  Houda DJEBBARI  Page No: 08-11  Algeria
Female Heroism in the Face of Tyranny: Sembène Ousmane’s The Mother
 Elizabeth E. Ogini  Page No: 12-17  Nigeria
Semantic Loss in Two English Translations of Surah Ya-Sin by Two Translators (Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Arthur John Arberry)
 Sehrish Islam  Page No: 18-34  Pakistan
Latent Semantic Analysis and Machine Translation
 Mahmoud Mobaraki  Abolfazl Mosaffa Jahromi   Page No: 35-43  Iran
Techniques of Teaching Professional Vocabulary with special reference to Vocabulary used in Media
 Najmus Sarifa  Page No: 44-47  Saudi Arabia
Dickens’s Characterisation of Children in Oliver Twist: An Empty Rhetoric?
 Armel MBON  Page No: 48-56  Congo
Linguistic Challenges in Translating Song of Lawino From English To Kiswahili
Beatrice. A. Okere  J.O. Onyango  Furaha Chai  Page No: 57-62  Kenya
Code Switching as a Communicative Strategy for the Bilingual Saudi Speakers at Jouf University
Alaa Q. Alhouran  Page No: 63-72  Saudi Arabia
Category Shifts in the Translation of Verb Phrases in English Cookbook into Indonesian
Kadek Ayu Ekasani da Bagus Putra Yadnya Ketut Artawa  Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati  Page No: 73-77  Indonesia
A Discourse on Bangla Translation of Arabic Texts: Need-Based Studies in Bilingual Issues
Md. Faruquzzaman Akan  Abdelrahman Elyass Mohamed Abdelmajd  Page No: 78-86  Saudi Arabia
Algerianization of French Nouns:The Use of Algerian Arabic Determiners, Demonstratives, and Possessives with French Nouns: A Descriptive Morphological Account
Khadidja HAMMOUDI  Page No: 87-92  Algeria
Meena Alexander’s Autobiography: A Postcolonial Migrant Narrative
Shaju Nalkara Ouseph  Page No: 93-101  Saudi Arabia
Words Leading An Independent Life: Four Anglicisms In The Italian Lexis Of Economics
Paola Gaudio  Page No: 102-108  Italy
Impact of Visual media in Children’s Literature: A Paradigm of Cognitive/Psycho-linguistic approach
Veena Vijaya  Page No: 109-116  Saudi Arabia
Towards Corpus-Based Stemming for Arabic Texts
Yasser Muhammad Naguib Sabtan  Page No: 117-128  Oman
Mr. Eric Butterworth: A Short Story
Ramzi Ben Mohamed MARROUCH  Page No: 129-136  Saudi Arabia
Citizen Cane (1941): A Textual Analysis of psychoanalysis with structural linguistics and Hegelian philosophy
Shaolin Shaon Page No: 137-147 Bangladesh