Vol. 2, No. 6, November, 2019

Female Bodies, Male Desires: Fighting (fe)male Conventions in the Writings of J.C. Mangan, J.S. Le Fanu and Bram Stoker
Richard Jorge Page No: 01-12 Spain
The Concept of Gender –Inequality in Sahar Khalifa’s Muzakarat Imra’ah Gher Waqeai’a: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis
Eman Abedelkareem Salem Hijazi Page No: 13-22 Palestine
Arkais Vocabulary Identification as Efforts to revitalize the Language with a Panai: Ecolinguistic Perspectiv
Hilman Haidir T. Silvana Sinar Page No: 23-30 Indonesia
Lexical Borrowing in Spoken Lukabaras in a Multilingual Context
James Matseshe Sasala Reginald Atichi Alati Benard Angatia Mudogo Page No: 31-37 Kenya
The Effect of Youtube on High School Students’ Second Language Acquisition
Wening Sahayu Friyanto Page No: 38-44 Indonesia
The Role of Dubbed Cartoons in Supporting Third Culture Kids: A Case Study of the Toy Story Trilogy
Saeed Ahmed Gazar Page No: 45-52 Egypt
Attitude Conception: The Role of Blended Learning in Environmental Education
Eisha Jamila Q. Ikhwan Pratomo Widodo Page No: 53-62 Indonesia
An Investigation of Male and Female Voices: Does Voice Gender Categorization Depend on Pitch?
Leila Neisi Farahnaz Ahmadpour karimAbadi Mansoore Shekaramiz Page No: 63-70 Iran
The Themes of Attachment and Love in Jane Austen’s Emma: A Critical Study
Ali Albashir Mohammed Al-Haj Page No: 71-76 Saudi Arabia
Investigating the Effect of Structure Complexity on Students’ Recognition of the Subject Slot
Fatmah Alqahtani Page No: 77-82 Saudi Arabia
Power of Identity in Charity Advertising: A Systemic Functional Linguistic Approach
Soha El Saeed Abdelghany Page No: 83-90 Egypt
The Impact of Content Familiarity on Reading Comprehension among Male and Female Students
Hamzah Barakat Najadat Mohd Nazri Latif Azmi Page No: 91-97 Malaysia 
Language Attitudes: An Overview
Melanie Satraki Page No: 98-113 Cyprus
Investigation of Interpreting Education at the Undergraduate Level in Turkey from the Angle of Interpreting Competences
Sibel Okuyan Özden Şahin Halil İbrahim Balkul Page No: 114-135 Turkey
An Investigation of the Effect of the Environmental and Cognitive Factors on Translation Process
Marzieh Souzandehfar
Javad Mohammadi Zahra Shahamat Manesh Page No: 136-140 Iran
Difficulties to Acquire Albanian as a Second Language by Pre-schooler Age Children of Turkish Nationality in Prizren, Kosovo
Rrahman Paçarizi Djellza Tufa Page No: 141-149 Kosovo 
Critical Reading Ability: A Study of the Role of Proficiency, Gender and Topic Knowledge
Fatemeh Mahdavirad Fatemeh Mokhtari Page No: 150-158 Iran
Sport Terms Borrowed from Different Languages into Uzbek Language
Ayaqulov Nurbek Abdugappar o’g’li Page No: 159-166 Uzbekistan
The Implementation of Know Want Learn Method to improve Students’ Reading Skill
Sadieli Telaumbanua Page No: 167-172 Indonesia
The Student Team Achievement Division Cooperative Learning for Students: Application of Mandarin Language
Sabar Manik Rostina Normina Purba Page No: 173-180 Indonesia
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s “Sultana’s Dream”: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
Farhana Yeasmin Mst. Dil Rifat Sayed Page No: 181-184 Bangladesh
An Analysis of the Translation of Cultural Humor in the Novel “Huo Zhe”
肖琴(Xiao Qin) Pratomo Widodo Sulis Triyono Page No: 185-192 Indonesia 
A Cross-Linguistic Study of Some Space Prepositions in English and Their Counterparts in Armenian
Yelena Mkhitaryan Page No: 193-200 Armenia
The Evaluation of English Language Syllabus for Developing Faculties of Languages and Translation: Evidence from the Sudan
Hassan Mahill Abdallah Hassan Mohammed Eldoum Ahmed Eltegani Abdelrahman Elyass Mohamed Abdelmajd Page No: 201-213 Saudi Arabia
“Antecedent and Postcedent”: A Syntactic Study of the “ABC’s Principles” of the Binding Theory in the EFL Students’ Written Discourses
Yohannes Telaumbanua Martini Dhini Aulia Page No: 214-225 Indonesia
Contemporary Translation Theories: Mapping a Growing Field
Sanaa Benmessaoud Page No: 226-234 United Arab Emirates
A Speech Act Analysis of Bedouin Proverbs in Jordan
Oday Mohammad Alshorafat Page No: 235-241 Jordan 
An Inside-out Review of Lexical Collocations: Considerations for Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in EFL Contexts
Zulfiqar Ahmad Page No: 242-249 Saudi Arabia
Contemporary Iraqi Novel: Abundant Production and New Trends
Ahmed Karyosh Jubair Dr. Ibrahem Bani Abdo Mrs. Safa Abu Mousa Page No: 150-255 Malaysia
Motivation as a Tool of Improving Learners’ Performance in French Language in Ekiti State Secondary Schools
Dr. Babalola J.O Mrs. Bakare B.E Page No: 256-261 Nigeria
The Role of Lwidakho on English Word Stress Perception and Production
Achesa Rodgers Lucy Mandillah David Barasa Page No: 262-267 Kenya
The English Language and the Second Language Learners’ Perception in a Multicultural Nigeria: An Appraisal
Ijeoma C. Ojilere Chinomso P. Dozie Mmachi Akudo Chidozie Page No: 268-278 Nigeria 
Reading Comprehension Difficulties Faced by Sudanese School Learners: A Case Study
Abdel Hafiz Abdel rahman Mohammed Taha
Prof. TahiyahAlshaikh Alhameem Page No: 279-289 Sudan
The Impact of Translation Techniques Toward Translation Quality of Logical Metaphor as Conjunctive Relation in the Indonesian Version “Pride and Prejudice”
Li Wenlin
M. R. Nababan  Riyadi Santosa Page No: 290-296 Indonesia
English Interference Found in Indonesian Magazines
Ni Wayan Suastini Ida Ayu Putri Gita Ardiantari Page No: 297-302 Indonesia
The Representation of Morocco in Postcolonial Travel Narrative Novels: The Case of El Maghreb: 1200 Miles Ride through Morocco by Hugh E. M. Stutfield
Mohamed Benhima Mohammed Khatib Page No: 303-312 Morocco
Interlinear Transliteration and Reconstruction of Plate 538 in 3 Fragments of Greek Minor Prophets Scroll from Nahal Hever Dead Sea Scrolls
Alaric Naudé Page No: 313-318 Republic of Korea
The Translation Quality on Slurs in BlacKkKlasman Movie
Agus Dimyati Masykur M.R. Nababan Djatmika Page No: 319-330 Indonesia
Reading Difficulties Faced by ESL Undergraduate Learners: The Case of King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Chitra Dhanapal Page No: 331-336 Saudi Arabia 
Investigating the Performance of Saudi EFL Learners while Translating Circumstantial Case
Intisar Hassan Abdul Magid Mohammad Page No: 337-348 Saudi Arabia
To Probe Employed Consecutive Interpreting Strategies of One Equivalent Terms among Iranian Translation Learners
Pantea Pahlavani Reza Kazemi Page No: 349-360 Iran
Teaching Difficulties in Pronunciation: The Case of Oral Communication Teachers
Ranec A. Azarias Femarie M. Capistrano Page No: 361-373 Philippines
Diagnosing the Qualitative Effects of Applying the 13 Kris Bales Creative Informal Assessment’s Techniques: Re-Building the EFL Students’ “Stress-Free” Reading Assessment Tasks
Yohannes Telaumbanua Desi Yulastri Muthia Damaiyanti Page No: 374-392 Indonesia
Formalist Criticism: Critique on Reynaldo A. Duque’s Selected Ilokano Poems
Ranec A. Azarias Apollo S. Francisco Page No: 393-446 Philippines
Evaluating the Acceptance and Descriptive Usability of the Swahili Coined Terminologies: an Investigation of the ICT Terminologies
Peter Rabson Mziray Page No: 447-455 Tanzania
Choice of Reading Tools: Hardcopy or Softcopy
Nazrul Islam Md. Maruf Billah Page No: 456-463 Bangladesh
Genre-based Discourse Analysis of Wedding Invitation Cards in Nigeria: A Comparison between Hausa and Igbo
Ali Mohammed Also Abdullahi Kaigama Page No: 464-469 Nigeria
Survey into the Causes of Consistent Failure in SSCE in English Language in Yobe State: A Study of Yobe, Zamfara, Abia and Edo States’ Secondary School