Current Issue

The Sophoclean Trilogy and Shakespeare’s King Lear in the Light of the Poetics
 Bashir Habib Manai  Page No: 01-20 Saudi Arabia
The Application and Features of Animal Science Terms: Translation from English into Indonesian
 Gusti Agung Istri Aryani I Nengah Sudipa Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya Ni Made Dhanawaty  Page No: 31-38  Indonesia
The Socio-didactic Function of Oral Literary Genres: A Paremiological Perspectivism of Selected Ethical Proverbs
Bazimaziki Gabriell Bisamaza Emilien Ndayishimiye Jean Leonard Nsabumuremyi Leonce  Page No: 39-46 Rwanda
Refining LSRW Skills of Engineering Graduates through the Digital News Platform
Aruna Arputhamalar  Page No: 47-49  India
Blogs to Disseminate Literature
 S. Padmasani Kannan  Page No: 50-57  India
Narrative Journalism in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood
P. Harshini K. Devipriya  Page No: 58-61  India
Health Information Technology Media by Nurses in Patient Care
Hepsibah Sharmil Girija. J  Geetha. K  Page No: 62-66 India
Blogs as Platforms for Disseminating and Popularizing Literature
T. Kanchana Devi  Page No: 67-70 India
Teaching English Language with Digital Journalism
 Dr. R. Lakshmi  Page No: 71-72 India
Explosion of Digital Journalism Through Social Media
P. Harshini V. Madhumidha  Page No: 73-76 India
Digital Journalism and English Language Learning in Engineering Colleges
S. PARVATHAVARTHINI Page No: 77-79 India
Narrative Journalism and Digital Journalism
R. Priya Sri  Page No: 80-81  India
Need to Comprise Digital Journalism in English Language Teaching in Rural Learners’ Classroom
T. SENTHILKUMAR  Page 82-85 India
Influence of Narrative Journalism through Storytelling
P. Harshini  T. C. Jayaneela Sneha Page No: 86-89 India
Assessing the Translation Quality of Quranic collocations: For better or for worse
Hassan Badr Hassan Karim Menacere Page No: 90-118 UK
Language-Crossing: The Sociolinguistic Dynamics of the Language/Discourse of Shamasha (Randok) in Sudan
Abdelmagid Abdelrahman Awadelkarim Page No: 119-127 Saudi Arabia
Investigating EFL Saudi Students’ Vocabulary Improvement in Micro-blogging on Twitter at Imam University
Khawater Alshalan Page No: 128-135 Saudi Arabia
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Selected Opposition and State Printed Media on the Representation of Southern Mobility in Yemen
Yasser Alrefaee Abdul-Qader Abdul-Ghafour Murad Alazzany Sara Alrefaee Page No: 136-144 Yemen
The Effects Of sociolinguistics factors on learning English: A Case Study
Abolfazl Mosaffa Jahromi Mahmoud Mobaraki Page No: 145-151  Iran
The Representation of Women in the Rajagopalachari’s Version of “Mahabharata” as the “Garwa” in the Javanese Culture Perspective
Nashrul Wahyu Suryawan Vivi V. W. Damayanti Page No: 152-157 Indonesia
Postcolonial Perspective in The Tempest: Shakespeare’s Relevance in Today’s Very Different World
Saman HASHEMIPOUR Page No: 158-163 Turkey
The Quest for Racial Identity in Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon and the Novels of James Baldwin
Saman HASHEMIPOUR Page No: 164-169 Turkey
The Role of First Language and Translation in EFL Learning: A Brief Literature Review
Gede Eka Putrawan Page No: 170-174 Indonesia
Infrastructures and Translation as Relational Entities
Paola Gaudio Page No: 175-185 Italy
Chile-U.S.A.: a Case Study of Telecollaboration
 Clara Maria Di Gennaro  Yaneth Eugenia Villarroel Ojeda Page No: 186-199 USA
Power Dynamics in Wole Soyinka’s ‘The Trials of Brother Jero’
 Sobia Ilyas  Page No: 200-207 Pakistan